The method and education
at the European School of Trieste

We offer specialized programs for full immersion in English language learning from the age of 3 to 14. We are known for our commitment to academic excellence and rigorous teaching methods that inspire children to achieve the highest standards. However, we understand that success in a complex and ever-changing world requires more than just good grades. That’s why we also focus on helping children become creative and independent thinkers, enabling them to become skilled problem-solvers and adaptable individuals.

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We live in a highly interconnected world, comprised of numerous different yet interconnected systems, such as the environmental, social, economic, technological, political, and cultural systems. This is also the world upon which we depend. Many of today’s challenges require clarity, dialogue, and cooperation. The European School prepares children for the complexities and uncertainties of our multicultural and interdependent world so that they can contribute in a productive manner.

The education of the European School provides young people with:

  • a solid intellectual foundation to empower young minds to think critically;
  • the opportunity for innovation and independent problem-solving;
  • the ability to effectively collaborate across cultural boundaries;
  • a genuine sense of care for the well-being of all community members;
  • the confidence and courage to be themselves.


The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.
- A. Einstein


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