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The European School of Trieste provides children with the necessary tools and knowledge to thrive and succeed.

The European School of Trieste equips children with the tools and knowledge to thrive and succeed. Located in the picturesque Castelletto of Villa Geiringer, overlooking the city of Trieste, the European School of Trieste (EST) provides an extensive English program that covers the Nursery, Primary, and Middle School years.

Established in 1980, the school was founded to meet the needs of families seeking an Anglo-Saxon school model for their children, while also desiring to maintain their connection to the Italian cultural environment in which they reside.

As a state-recognized private school under Law 62/2000, the European School of Trieste is subject to regulation by the Ministry of Education. This ensures that our students have access to any Italian public school without the need for an admission exam. The Paritarian Comprehensive Institute European School of Trieste is a Public School under private management.

In 1995, a Crèche I Cuccioli of Villa Geiringer was also added to the south of the school’s main area.


From the very first steps in crèche through the culmination of primary education, we emphasize English as a core focus, all while recognizing the vital significance of the Italian language.


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Starting my journey at the European School "Il Castelletto" was crucial for my personal and career growth. Beginning to speak English from kindergarten allowed me to be bilingual and learn other languages more easily, completing my university studies in English and graduating with honors from an American university. I have wonderful memories of the teachers, especially for supporting me upon my return from a five-year stay in Kenya with my limited Italian. They also assisted me with after-school programs and encouraged me not to give up, helping me reintegrate into the Italian system without losing a year. I feel very fortunate to have experienced this magical place.

Emily Leporatti

It’s hard to write in a few lines what I experienced during my years at the European School. It has allowed me to acquire the instruments for a different perspective on the world around me, broadening my possibilities by learning English and French, and providing me with the opportunity to be in touch with many more different cultures. But I guess overall the most important is that I had the precious privilege to grow up with the feeling of being part of a big family.

Anselmo Luigi

I began attending the European School of Trieste at the start of primary school, fully immersed in an English-speaking environment. The beauty of this experience is that it didn't feel burdensome at all; rather, it ignited my passion for English culture and England to the extent that I felt like a part of it. Now, at forty-one, working as an entrepreneur extensively in international settings, I am immensely grateful for that period. It not only provided me with a cherished childhood but also bestowed upon me fluent mastery of the English language and a special connection with that country. I extend my heartfelt thanks to my parents for enrolling me and to the European School for this invaluable experience!

Christian Potocco

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